Our Upcoming Games


‘King Donut!

Rule the board in the King Donut™ abstract strategy game.
Jump and match your way to victory, leveling up from donut to King Donut!

‘Gato Gelato!

The fun trick-taking ice-cream game (of 7 flavors).
Collect cards from taking tricks, then with the cards you gain build the best hand (dessert) to win! But be careful Gato-Gelato™ likes ice-cream too.

‘Tennis Match Blast

An epic fun tennis battle! Use your power-cards at the right timing to match items & gain victory.
(1v1, 2v2, 1v2 or 1/2v’ai’)


The fun avocado themed word-play party game!

‘Dungeon Gun

The wild-west… A legend of conquistador gold [hidden in the ‘mines & mountains’™]… A partial map to guide you.
What lies in the mines? Draft your team of legends, stock up on bullets and other items and find out!

‘Dungeon Blade

‘Gato – Samurai Sushi Cat

Play as Gato [of the Samurai Sushi Cats™] and his cat comrades.
When the town is invaded by sea-monsters both giant & small, sushi-chef Gato puts his restaurant on hold to go catch some sea-food.
Those kaiju should make for some tasty items on the menu!

‘[The] Guardians of Golden Forest

Find and bring back the golden acorns to restore the forest.

‘Super Strike Soccer‘ (‘SX3‘)

‘Soccer Siege

Medieval soccer at its best in this tactical tabletop dexterity game!
Choose your team (Lions/Falcons/etc.) and play through the Tournament Cup.
Kick the ball upfield or fire it from strategic siege weapons positioned around the board to score!

‘Wind Farmer

Farming fun on the historic Dutch countryside!
Build your farm with wind-power then trade the goods produced.

‘Apple Snap‘ & ‘Sushi Snap

Quick fun pocket-sized games to play on the go.

(‘Pocket-games’ series)

‘Rally Tour Run‘ & ‘Retro Rally Racing/Racers

‘Epic Adventure Racing‘, ‘Epic Adventure Golf‘ & more

(‘Epic Adventure’ series)

‘Dino Boarders

Hit the slopes with your favorite snowboarding dinosaurs!

‘[The] Armored Aviators‘ (& ‘The Armored Aviator‘)

Flying mech-suit heroes battle against numerous enemies including the swarm of armorbots.

‘A Few Heroes More

A band of anti-heroes and vigilantes deal out justice to the city.